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Wispy Hollow's Abyss

Bottomless Tunnel of Insanity

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obb·sess·ive, fa·n
1. Characterized by fangirl rants of extreme hyper quality.
2. Enjoying or marked by an inflated quantity of manga series constantly being digested.
3. Constantly consumed by drawing manga.
4. Occasionally cynical/pessimistic individual.

Uh... basically, I'm your pretty standard obsessive animanga fan, except I'm considerably more spazztastic and loud about the fandoms I hail than is probably healthy. Total Zoro fangirl; in the process of drawing an ongoing original manga series; trying to tone down the inevitable loser vibes that blast off me in every direction and ultimately failing; infecting people around me with my obsession of multitudes of series and generally decreasing productivity rates... are some ways to describe me. If you decide that you would like to friend an oddball like me, please go ahead; I am allegedly friendly albeit strange. If you want to friend me to chat, that's cool, but if you'd like to read my manga series, please tell me, so I can add you to the custom group that can see the chapters. Otherwise... uh, I ran out of things to say, evidently because my existence revolves around a pileup of nerd-like things, so if I'm trying to summarize, there isn't really all that much to say !

Favourite manga: ONE PIECE
Favourite anime: BACCANO!
Favourite video game: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney [1-3 & 5]

Labels I use in this livejournal:
[Ruste∂]: Entries beginning with this tag are part of my original manga series named Ruste∂. Only viewable to those in the custom group, so tell me if you'd like to see it, yeah?
[ART]: This means fanart. Any fanart I do has this tag and a preview image that takes you to the fullsize view upon clicking. I used to do a lot more fanart than I inevitably do now, what with working on Ruste∂, but it's a bit from various fandoms, with a large amount of One Piece fanart, and some Phoenix Wright fanart and others, too.
[Fanfics]: When I feel like it, I write fanfics in a rather strange, lilting narrative style. From various fandoms.
No tag: General blog posts about going ons of the wispyhollow genre.

Finally, I absolutely ADORE comments, concrit and feedback. It is the food for my brainmeats, so please comment; it makes me happy. 8B

~Thanks to sttudio for the amazing mood theme, yureteru for the friends-only banner and fake_and_pure for this profile code.